About Us

What’s in the chest?

We believe that the best-in-class IT solutions are for every one of us. It enables us to amuse ourselves, dream, and mould the world to suit our wants..
Technology and change are in our DNA, just like in yours. We are friends, strategists and IT consultants devoted to provide goal-driven solutions that address the needs of the ecosystem in which our business partners operate.

Mandarin Technologies places a major emphasis on maintaining client-centered services while providing cutting-edge, excellent IT-based business solutions to keep you far ahead of your rivals. Rest confident that our professionals only create, produce, and deliver content that they are passionate about.

Being the best client-centred IT consulting firm, our service portfolio includes UX/UI design, artificial intelligence development, business intelligence services, cloud computing services, IOT development, big data consulting and development, virtual reality and augmented reality, electronic data interchange software solutions, enterprise integration services, block chain development services, software testing, custom software development and managed IT services.

Our services are tailored keeping in mind the needs of our business partners, assuring both high quality and timely delivery. Our aim is to make the world discover & explore your brand in the same way as you do.