Appallingly obvious!! In class collaboration on a grand scale and into the limits of the possible!

Mandarin Technologies

Our focus is you… We create solutions to meet the strategic objectives and hence we trust the process of real-world experience.

Unlock the new world of open standards


Culture, values and behaviour – Committed, trusted, considered!!

Mandarin technologies will ramp up and accelerate to deliver values in a faster pace and we assure to provide certainity to all the services that we deliver as in custom software development, mobile app development, IT consulting, managed IT services, software testing and QA services.

Fit – for – purpose solutions

Our consistency in high quality of work enables us to provide flexible technology and IT solutions with an agile and people oriented philosophy – we are unrivalled fit-for-purpose solution providers.

True to ethical framework

We adhere to the moral and ethical framework that is at the core of our Organisation to keep our pragmatic approach and method of approaching business difficulties in the most practical way possible.

Why people pick us?

We uncover what is underneath the corporate stack.

At its height, personalization, simplicity, and ease!

Leveraging custom solutions

We favour a strategy that is realistic!

Mandarin Technologies will ensure and accept the conceptual software realisation, and we will use every available tool to continue to support all IT consulting services and solutions for digital transformation.

Producing tangible results

Efforts that support success!

With the greatest and most practical approach to IT consulting and development, we take on the most recent industry trends and deliver a solution that is thoughtful and comprehensive to satisfy all client needs.


On track and doing the best!

In order to establish an enviable collection of best practises and expedite delivery on time, we take market insights in more gradual phases and speed up the procedures.

Achieving business targets

Up the sleeves to add value!

The Mandarin technologies team will work efficiently on client-side issues, and we will then flexibly enlarge the team to support the peaks connected to various technologies.


Tremendous efforts to bring unparalleled solutions

Our idea is to emphasize primarily on the precisely calibrated solutions to achieve certain business objectives. We are powered by all the latest digital technologies and are driven by the potential behind the technological advancements.

Digital Transformation

We analyse your needs and provide you with custom software development, mobile app development, electronic data exchange, ruby on rails development, and business intelligence services using our in-depth understanding of talents relevant to digital transformation solutions.

IT Consulting

We engage customers by demonstrating our expertise in areas like IoT development, cloud computing services, AI/ML development, block chain development, and the big data consultancy.

Software testing and QA Services

The collaboration & innovation that we put into all the services will show our rigorous development standards and the crucial testing procedures. Enterprise app testing, functional testing, performance testing, responsive testing, platform compatibility testing, and the web/mobile app testing are all part of our testing services.

Managed IT services

With the help of Mandarin Technologies’ top-notch research and development methods and IT services team, we have successfully implemented a wide range of managed IT services, including infrastructure management, cloud management, managed applications, end-user management, deployment and migration services, and network and server management.

Enterprise integration services

We construct the processes from the initial analysis level and align those services to support the applications from the client end in order to make all the processes capable of producing excellent results.. This includes oracle fusion middleware, SharePoint integration, SAP integration, Salesforce integration, Microsoft dynamics NAV, and Google cloud as well.

Customized IT services

We secure and regulate the development, consequently enhancing the operations and services, with transparent maintenance and the integrity of operations. Along with all the services we offer, we also keep up with the newest cutting-edge technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, unity 3D, motion tracking, robotic intelligence, game creation, and many more.


The Team

Our staff are anything but cogs in a wheel, despite being a well-oiled and constantly updated machine. We have spent the majority of the last decade creating a culture that allows people prosper and hone their respective crafts. Our success and reputation are not only based on our top-quality work, our secret sauce is the way we treat our employees and clients. This enables us to better assist both ourselves and our partners.